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Monday, December 14, 2015

VI - The Lovers. Integration of Opposites

     The sixth card of the Major Arcana is The Lovers card. This card is traditionally one of the most commonly known, along with the Death card and the Hanged man and is just as often erroneously simplified to the point of losing it's meaning. It is a card you will often see depicted in movies as being the quintessential card for romance and unions. The card actually has far greater depth than it seems at first glance, pointing to deep esoteric meanings...of course it can also mean romance! It's all in how you read it.
    The card itself depicts a woman and a man in the biblical garden of Eden, behind them the two trees of Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil. Upon the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil sits a serpent. Above them, emerging from a cloud is an Angel who seems to be offering a benediction upon the two. Already we can see the card is heavy with allegory and religious symbolism. You may also notice a triangular aspect to the card, both with the three figures and the mountain behind them. This triangle is ascending upwards and so has a heavenly symbolic quality, suggesting something more than just a simple romantic coupling. The couple in the card are wearing no clothes, and while this can be seen as a direct interpretation of a biblical passage, I believe it relates to the lack of pretense between the two. That both elements come forward unadorned and free of ego.
     What the card is talking to is the integration of opposites, of male and female and of heaven and earth. The couples approach, heaven descends and the earth rises and all is well. Integration is strongly mentioned in the other cards such as Temperance and the Devil (which has many interesting parallels to this card if you lay them side by side!). Whereas the Devil suggests being bound by a union, the Lovers is about being set free by a union. That the Union of opposites in this case creates something far greater than just the sum of it's parts.
   When this card appears in a reading is concerned with bringing two opposites together. Those opposites don't always have to be male and female, it could relate to business mergers, to colours in a painting or sweet and sour in a dish. What is important is that this union is expansive and liberating, two parts that work better in conjunction. The angel is appearing because of the union of the two partners, symbolizing the higher aspect of the pairing. Unlike the Devil card, which is oppressive in it's nature and both elements are subjugated, bound and lessened by their union, this card holds powerful lessons in true synthesis as an act of expansive creativity. 
   The card is the sixth of the Major Arcana and the number six is a harmonious number, especially when it relates to the Kabbalah and the Tarot. Each of the elements has passed the halfway point and is well on it's path to completion. 
   For me in my life right now it symbolizes the need to further connect my spiritual life with my material life, that the two can come together to create something better each one lived alone. Many live their lives in only one sphere, hoping that when one is fixed they can then work on the other. It always leaves one feeling unfulfilled and lacking something. It also relates to relationships, of course, that when two beings come together it should be for something greater than what they can achieve individually. That such a union can create a powerful energy and magic, that can be used for creative and enlightening endeavors.
    The real meaning behind this card of course is Love, for Love is that powerful and energetic magic that appears between the two. That draws the Lover and the Beloved together, that springs not from either, but from their being together. As Jung said "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemicals substances; if there is any reaction are transformed". It's positive aspect being The Lovers and it's shadow aspect being The Devil. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Moving through barriers

    I recently had a dream that involved multiple layers of fences that barred my way. In the dream the fences were so thick and numerous as to present an impenetrable wall, but there was a guide with me who urged me on. This guide was hazy, but they felt like a friend or a family member. They took my hand and brought me closer to the wall. Once at the wall he showed me that there was a way through each fence, that there was a cut here, or it wasn't properly pinned down there. He pushed a section of wire fence aside to show me a way through, even though if I stepped back it was still an overwhelming obstacle. What at first seemed impregnable, now seemed as though there were a hidden path through the barrier, a pathway through the labyrinth of tangled wires. Even as I stepped forward, my goal was still obscured by a forest of wires ahead and progress was only possible with faith in my companion and the conviction to take a single step when it was impossible to move quicker.
  It mirrors what is going on in my waking world and that from an objective distance it seems as there is no way on, yet when I look closer, at each individual step, I see I can indeed continue on. I freely admit that my doubts have been stronger than my faith at times and cause me to hesitate, or even to take a few steps backwards.  It is so easy to want to see oneself as a powerful hero with the strength to push down our obstacles, rather than the receptiveness to follow and trust in the strength and wisdom of another. That giving in to panic or fear will only trap you and enmesh you in a tangle of your own making. Each step I am reminded that I am still only a child in many ways and the guide of my soul is the only one who really knows the way. Maybe those that do not see my guide see his strength reflected in me as I hesitantly push aside the veils he has shown me are loose or unpinned.
  I pray I can continue to follow in my guides footsteps without letting fear rule me and closing my eyes to the path ahead.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

California Dreaming

 So, it's been a while. The short story is I moved out west after hoping to secure a great job after a great interview. Truth is, it's been 6 months and I am still on the hook waiting to find out it I got it or not. In the meanwhile I took a job to pay the bills, a job I had to walk out of today. It didn't end well, but I am glad I stood up for myself and my health.
   In other news, I took a break from the healing work. It was getting to the point in which I was getting no pleasure from it and was giving too much. Not sure where I stand with things and with the Tower card showing up in a couple of readings it looks like a time of dissolution is here. It may have just been a signifier for the end of the job, but it could portend bigger things as things are looking kind of dicey here.
   Nevertheless I am here and intend to make a stand for myself. I am considering starting up writing on the blog here a little more, maybe crank out a few more card descriptions. It's late and I don't have direction for my talking other than life, so I will get back to this all soon.
   In the meanwhile...goodnight.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lion Dreams

  In the last couple of days I have had a few dreams with lions in. I am struggling to understand the meanings of the dreams and I felt maybe writing them out would help me understand and interpret them.
  In the first dream a few nights ago I was in the park with a co-worker and we were playing with a huge male lion. Both of us stood side by side and we were tossing a ball(?) for the lion to chase after. Much like you would for a dog. I decided to step away from my friend and we stood across from each other. He tossed the ball towards me and the lion charged across the field towards me. I was pretty frightened in the dream as the lion was full grown and being charged by one felt like a terrifying experience, even if I was not the subject of his attentions.
    As he neared I took a folded cloth from my pocket and unwrapped it, it was a bright leaf green and I knew it would act as a kind of "Kryptonite" to the lion, weakening him. It was made of fabric and the size of a small towel which I then held up in front of me.
   The lion appeared disappointed and then spoke to me saying "You aren't going to use that are you?" before the dream faded. He spoke in a regal voice and I got the impression I was doing him a dis-service by even thinking about using such an item. It left an impression on me, but I could not figure out what it could mean. I ascribed to it that maybe I was afraid of my own authority, or that I was trying to weaken my own strength and courage, but the fact that I had a second dream with similar symbols suggests I missed the point.
    The second dream involved me selling a muscle car to an interested buyer, who wished to have me put the car on top of his car so that he could drive it home in a convenient fashion. The only problem being that he was having trouble seeing out from underneath the car I placed on top of his. I then went indoors to receive my payment. I approached the counter and the teller brought out several large bearer bonds (the promissory notes banks often hold in their vaults) and wanted to pay me with those. My family was close on hand and were quick to inform me that that type of money was no good and I should refuse it, given the difficulty I would have redeeming it. As I flipped through the folder and was looking at all the bonds within I noticed a very large and thick solid gold coin, maybe 5" in width and easily 2-3" deep. It was inscribed with the picture of a lion facing forward with one of it's paws raised, along with several other symbols and embellishments. As soon as I saw the coin I knew that it was very valuable and all my doubts dissolved. I felt a feeling of rightness and even considered wearing it as an amulet or medallion. I then returned to the cheap circular tables at which my family were gathered and felt vaguely disappointed with them.
    The dream then moved to a perspective of me stood outside a rich manor house and I was looking for a lion statue, which I was supposed to kneel before upon it's discovery. There were several small lion statues around the property carved from black soapstone, with the lions stood rampant. But I felt these were not the correct statues and when I found them I would know and they would pass on something valuable to me. The dream finished with a whispered voice exhorting me to find the lions.
    The lions are trying to pass a message along to me, which I am patently failing to grasp. The strength and the power of the lion in the first dream was dramatic and stayed with me long after waking, along with a feeling of vague disappointment. In the second dream, it appears that I am being led in a certain direction by the lions in the dream, along with the promise of a large reward upon completion of the transaction.
    I took a look through several resources and they all point to lions being symbols of power, strength, boldness, courage and authority. It is also my sun sign (along with several other planets), but I believe this is the first time that a lion has appeared in my dreams with such clarity.
   I am curious as to where the lions will lead me...